Innovations in Drug Development

Drug development involves  enormous  methods and development procedure to attain therapeutic effective level. Emerging new Formulation is a persistent process with utilisation of abundant knowledge of pharmaceutics. Considering all characteristics of substances used, and their behaviour towards formulations need more innovative approach of drug development.

The global market value for drug development technologies market share was about 30% in 2015 valued at $18 billion followed by Bioanalytical Assays or instruments by about $14 billion. Innovative formulations are estimated to have contributed to 73%. To develop a new pharmaceutical formulation and to conduct clinical trials it cost at € 1,926 million in 2016.

  • Innovative Therapeutic Studies
  • Effect of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Drug Development
  • Technical limitations in Drug Development
  • Difficulties in Regulatory Approvals
  • Financial constraints in Drug Development

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