Biopharmaceutical Informatics

Biopharmaceutical informatics combines a knowledge-based informatics approach (database creation, curation, mining, etc.) with physics-based molecular modeling and simulation tools (derived from computational biophysics) for biopharmaceuticals. It is an interdisciplinary field that supports the development of. As with many new areas of science and technology, it is too early to provide an accurate definition of biopharmaceutical informatics. Biopharmacy informatics is a  computational task, either alone or in combination with experimental studies, aimed at facilitating efficient and cost-effective translation of biopharmacy candidates into drugs. This article describes calculations focused on predicting the site of chemical degradation of biopharmaceutical candidates. In particular, case studies will be used to discuss those involved in methionine oxidation, lysine saccharification, asparagine deamidation, and aspartic acid isomerization. However, computational modeling applications  extend to assessing other aspects of the feasibility of biological agents, such as the development of biological agents (see the various chapters of Kumar and Singh's Book 4). These techniques can  be extended to late  product development and lifecycle management of biopharmaceuticals already on the market. Business development is another potential application of biopharmacy informatics, enabling feasibility risk assessments to be integrated into the decision-making process for introducing biopharmaceutical candidates for development. Therefore, biopharmacy informatics can be applied organically  at all stages of biopharmaceutical discovery and development whenever knowledge of molecular properties is required.


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