Chemical and Analytical Strategies for Biosimilars

Small changes in these parameters can affect the various chemical sequences of a particular biosimilar, but in some situations the innovator may change the host cell, fermentation process, purification process, or even the manufacturing site. Possibly, the product can be verified without a complete new product development validation review, bio similar products are of reasonable and equivalent quality, safety, and efficacy as biological reference products. Is required by  regulators. The analytical techniques available to biosimilar manufacturers are extremely sophisticated, offering a variety of options for characterizing the product and comparing it to  the corresponding off-the-shelf reference product. This diverse analytical method can be used to examine the attributes of  biosimilar candidates and reference biologics, characterizing the attributes using the orthogonal method, facilitating rigorous structural characterization and physicochemical evaluation tests. And the characterization and strategic aspects


    Related Conference of Chemical and Analytical Strategies for Biosimilars

    July 04-05, 2023

    39th World Pharmacology and Therapeutics Forum

    Paris, France
    October 16-17, 2023

    19th Annual Congress on Pharmacology and Toxicology

    Tokyo, Japan

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